Football and Technology


Caerano San Marco, July 2011 – Can technology, sports performance and aesthetics be combined in just one shoe? The answer is yes, and the proof is the new DD-Eleven GX14 boot that Antonio Cassano is already wearing on the field in the Yellow Fluo version.

Diadora has always borne sportspeople’s comfort and performance in mind. But today Diadora has done even more: the company has created the first and only football boot that “breathes”, allowing perspiration to be expelled from the entire surface area of the boot, even in situations of particular physical fatigue. Hyperthermia is an athlete’s worst enemy. As a matter of fact, the human body has a natural system of thermoregulation: perspiration. One of the greatest concentrations of sweat glands is to be found right on the sole of the foot. However, a traditional rubber shoe sole prevents perspiration from being expelled, causing feet to overheat. The result is a sensation of discomfort, fatigue, loss of power and precision. Thanks to NET Breathing System™, a special patent developed by Geox’s research laboratory in collaboration with Diadora’s Research Centre, this problem has been solved: feet are able to breathe and athletes have all the comfort and concentration necessary to guarantee maximum performance on the field.

In this system, most of the surface of the traditional rubber sole has been replaced by a synthetic fibre mesh and a special breathable, waterproof membrane. Thanks to the NET Breathing System™ technology, athletes are spared the discomfort caused by overheated feet and can thus focus their concentration on their sporting activity.

"Over 60 years of experience in the field have enabled us to understand athletes and their requirements. That is why we wanted to introduce the NET Breathing System™ technology; to provide the right conditions of comfort for sportspeople, leaving them free to just concentrate on the action of the game and optimize their levels of performance" says Enrico Moretti Polegato, the company’s President.

And Diadora’s laboratory is not going to stop at football. Other novelties in the fields of RUNNING and CYCLING are in store, where new technologies are soon to be applied. Dedicated expertise and commitment have been made possible by the original composition of this work team, that sees engineers, chemists, physicists, footwear technicians and biomechanical specialists involved together. Research combined with long-standing experience: alongside the greatest champions, Diadora has contributed to writing the most extraordinary pages of sporting history, giving the best sporting successes a touch of Italy.

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