02 July 2014

Get yourself a single shot espresso – Diadora

Get yourself a single shot espresso – Diadora

Coffee in Italy is a serious matter, that’s why these sneakers are called “espresso ridotto” (single shot). As espresso is an Italian excellence, which focuses on quality and not quantity, we feel these sneakers are quite the same. Excellence is a word to be spent sparingly, and it is not used lightly here - the Diadora N9000 is, in fact, entirely made in Italy, and is the faithful remake of the 1990 original in all its parts, assembled with special facilities here in Caerano San Marco, in the heart of the footwear district of Montebelluna. A classic running Diadora shoe, also used by the Italian national team during World Cup 1990 for their training sessions.

The Diadora N9000 (Made in Italy) will be available starting on July 12th, and it was produced in only 255 pairs in exclusive distribution in a handful of selected sneakershops worldwide.

N9000 OG sneakershops list:

24kilates www.24-kts.com Barcellona - Spain
Packer Shoes www.packershoes.com New York - Usa
Hanon www.hanon-shop.com Aberdeen - Scotland
Mita www.mita-sneakers.co.jp Japan
Overkill www.overkillshop.com Berlino - Germany
Patta www.patta.nl Amsterdam - Netherlands
Suede www.suede-store.com Rome - Italy
Bait www.baitme.com California - Usa
Kith www.kithnyc.com New York - Usa
Concepts www.cncpts.com Cambridge - Usa
Sneakers 76 www.sneakers76.com Taranto - Italy
Uno.tre store www.unotre.com Milano - Italy

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