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Here you will find all the sports accessories you could possibly need. Whether you are preparing for a long cycling trip, a cross-country run or a new gym regime, there is something that can serve you well in our range of sport accessories for women. Diadora are sports experts and can offer you all the essential pieces needed to fulfil your sporting goals. Our sports backpacks are the perfect companion - versatile, reliable, durable and spacious. Our Performance Micrometric Buckle and accompanying Spocklet Belts for PE are integral to your cycling success, whilst the Multiped. MTB '10 is a system designed exclusively by Diadora to maximise pedal stability. We know how serious you are about your performance and we want you to succeed, so this range of sport accessories for women has been developed with passion and dedication. Be prepared with the perfect equipment and you are sure to reach your true potential.
  • 2 Colors
    Unisex Running Socks
    € 30,00