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Diadora has over 60 years of experience creating practical, high-tech men's sports trousers to support you through any challenge. All of our sports pants are extremely comfortable, incorporating the best materials that are highly responsive to your movement. Whether you are running or relaxing, our men's sport trousers have it all and include items such as our STC Filament Trial P running pants which are light and tight-fitting, to minimise air resistance and enhance your speed. With distinctively designed seams which closely follow the contours of your legs you can glide along and take it all in your stride in these stylish sport pants. Or for greater breathability and superior comfort, why not opt for our Pant Cuff FL pants? Choose from sport trousers with an adjustable-cord waist for a bespoke fit or an elasticated top for the snuggest fit. We have it all in this range, including different colour options of your favourite trousers to mix things up!
  • 2 Colors
    Men's Running Pants
    $ 53,00
  • 1 Colors
    Men's Running Pants
    $ 48,00