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Sport is in your blood, and it's in ours too. You live to move and we live to design the clothes that you move in. Our polo shirts for women are top of the game, combining beautiful stylish design with optimum comfort and breathability. Our materials are the very best in sports apparel and the fabric used to create our fantastic Diadora polo t-shirts is by no means an exception. Take our Polo Movistar as an example. A stunningly elegant cotton jersey polo to fit your body like a dream, with Movistar and Diadora sponsorship logos. It brings pro sport even closer to your heart and can inspire you through any challenge. Whether it's a 100km cycle race or a gym-fit class, you can feel cool and energised in Diadora's first class sports clothing for women. We know you take it to the limits so we make our clothes strong and able to last as long as you need them to. Don't delay in kitting yourself out in pro sportswear from our designer sports brand today - get moving and we'll move with you.
  • Women's Polo
    $ 23,00
  • 5 Colors
    Tennis polo shirt - Women
    $ 43,00