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A love for football begins early. Even toddlers, although still unsteady when taking their first steps, never let an opportunity to kick a ball get away from them. As children grow up watching matches in stadiums and on TV with their parents, that love may fully blossom, steering them towards dedicating themselves seriously to football. It is a wonderful opportunity for children to train and grow with a sport that teaches them the importance of playing as a team, of achieving results and victories and coping with sacrifices and defeats together. This is an exact embodiment of the original Diadora spirit, which means “to share gifts and honours” in Greek. Diadora children’s football boots and children’s five-a-side boots offer the best guarantee of comfort. They are ideal for those who are starting to learn the secrets of the game and to gain an insight into their own personal techniques, while at the same time having fun playing with their friends.
  • 3 Colors
    Junior Firm-Ground Football Boot
    € 33,00 € 16,50
  • 2 Colors
    Junior Firm-Ground Football Boot
    € 35,00 € 17,50