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If you are looking for professional, safe and practical clothing for your job then don't miss out on Diadora's workwear. It's exceptional. Diadora's utility collection offers work sweatshirts, lined jackets, trousers with side pockets, waistcoats, gilets and much more. All items in the range are created using high-performance, technical materials and fabrics, extremely well-adapted to exposure and wear in tougher working environments. For an all-encompassing safety work jacket try our Intel jacket, a practical and stylish bomber jacket with removable sleeves, retractable hood, reflection detail and a badge pocket. It is both functional and comfortable, like everything we make, and guarantees optimum durability even at the most demanding times. For a waterproof jacket try the Light Jacket Mesh - padded with Thermore padded and fitted with contrasting 3D mesh inserts to protect areas more prone to wear and tear. Whether you work in light or heavy industry, services or even the plant industry, find practical and professional clothing items in our workwear collection. Luckily we offer so much that you can mix and match whole outfits here. With everything available in one place, you won't need to go anywhere else!
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