12 March 2016



Straight from our 1990's catalogues, here are two top running shoes in a renewed and reinterpreted version with two historic camouflage patterns inspired by military aviation.

The N9000 Avio boasts colours reminiscent of the sea and the sky, of the old Soviet navy, of the MiGs used in the operations in the Mediterranean and the Baltic seas. The colours of the Israeli aircrafts that blended in the dry landscape during the Yom Kippur war are revived in our V7000 AVIO.

The N9000 Avio is featured by premium nylon and leather in the upper, plus premium suede on details while the V7000 has been realized with nylon and microfiber for a super lightweight shoe.

Release date in-store on March, 19th. Available also on Diadora e-shop.

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