19 February 2016

B.Elite Day

B.Elite Day

Throwback to the 80’s and its famous athletes, tennis courts, vintage atmosphere and trainers that made the decade so iconic.

Over the years, the Diadora B.Elite has become one of the best-loved sneakers in history, being a part of and winning in some of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world. The British terrace culture soon adopted the B.Elite into the 80’s casual scene, helping to give the B.Elite its iconic reputation it has today.

For the first time ever the new B.ELITE ITA model, from our Sportswear collection, returns its original 80’s catalog colour-ways: White-Gold and White-Silver, keeping the authenticity and charm of this classic shoe. Exceptional craftsmanship and a Diadora Made in Italy label complete and bear witness to the high quality of this premium shoe, which will be available online at Diadora e-commerce and in major international stores.

But that’s not all. For an even more selected group of sneaker stores, the B.ELITE OG 'Espresso Ristretto' will be available exclusively in a limited edition drop that’s extremely faithful to the original 1981 B.Elite model. The upper has been developed with extreme care, which is particularly evident in the choice of kangaroo leather, allowing a soft yet supporting hold on the foot. The accurate selection of materials and the strict quality control used in the making of this shoe forces us to limit the hand-crafted production to just 800 pairs per colour, as stated in the official numbers on the inside of the tongue. This exclusive model is also delivered in a one-of-a-kind packaging.

So don’t make any plans on February 26th, because Diadora is celebrating this historic shoe in a special day named “B.Elite Day” and we want you to join us.

B.Elite Day - February 26, 2016: save the date!

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