02 February 2016

N9000 ITA

N9000 ITA

Diadora presents N9000 ITA, the new '90s-style running shoe that's racing to cult status among sneaker fans.

Originally designed in 1990 for high-performance training purposes thanks to good shock absorption and other cutting-edge technical features, the N9000 – where the N stands for Neutral – became the running shoe of choice for some of the greatest champions of the day. In terms of structure, outsole and materials, today's model is an exact replica, making this shoe one of the lead products of the Diadora Sportswear collection.

Now the N9000 is getting a fresh launch in an exclusive, exquisitely Italian version, for it's crafted at the Diadora HQ in Caerano di San Marco within the sphere of an artisan production line reintroduced last year after nearly a decade and a half of inactivity. The same holds true for all high-end Diadora shoes. This season the ever-iconic model, available in two different color options, comes in top-quality leather with nylon inserts.

The N9000 ITA is also protagonist of the “Make It Bright” campaign: the first pair made will in fact be hand delivered to a lucky customer in Barcelona, Spain, after the most extraordinary relay race of all time across stunning southern European landscapes.

The date set for international release is February 5th. That's when the shoe will hit the finest sneaker stores worldwide.

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