30 Marzo 2013

Diadora goes below Zero Heritage Collection fw 2012/13

Diadora goes below Zero Heritage Collection fw 2012/13

The mountaineering world blends with the classic sports already revisited by Diadora in the FW 2012/13 collection. It’s a game of references to the “Big Chill”, and to that moment between the ‘70s and the ‘80s, where winter sports were very much synonym with the “Valanga Azzurra” athletes. Mountain-boots-like hooks and waxed laces are just some of the details that are juxtaposed on classic running models such as the Equipe or the Trident, creating a fun and original mash-up of genres. Heritage introduces materials that are typically in the realm of both high-end casual and technical apparel, giving this collection a vibe that is vintage, street yet rather romantic. Nylon, felt, patches and paddings make for original and fresh styles, which are further enriched by treatments which normally pertain to sartorial or hand-crafted products, such as hand-made waxing, stone-washing and “dirty” nishes.

This is the real must-have for next season. This Equipe comes from the cold, and, more than any other, re ects this collection’s mood. The upper is in nylon “jacket” with micro padding, and the inner side of the upper is in fake fur. Mountain-boots-like hooks and leather laces make this sneaker “über-cool”.

Nylon “jacket” with micro padding and suede ¬nishing for the Equipe SW ‘s upper. The lateral patch in aged leather is reminiscent of vintage blazers and sweaters. Stone Wash treatment and hand-made waxing bestow a “dirty” ¬nish. This unisex style is presented in four colour combinations featuring active, acid colour palettes.

The vintage running world, which has inspired the Heritage collection since the very beginning, is mashed with this season’s wintry mood, without losing any of its street, urban air. The Trident, already the must-have style for the SS12, comes back in a new, high top version, enriched with felt. The shape is still very ‘70s, but the stonewash and hand-made waxing treatments make it utterly contemporary. Diadora continues the journey started last season, and comes back with a collection catered to women. The wintry mood is respected in this collection as well, although it is reinterpreted in a more feminine, glamorous way, thanks to elegant shapes and warm colours.

The feminine version of the Equipe Stone Wash is with a visible platform. The upper is in leather and suede. It’s a high top, with a foldable collar in fake fur. 157748 – EQUIPE W HIGH NYL The Big Chill also inspires the sportiest style in the ladies collection. In complete harmony with the men’s collection, the upper is in nylon “jacket” with micro padding and suede nishing. The strong colour combinations add a distinctive touch to this style with an inner platform.

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