"Surpassing our successes is our dream. Uniting our talents to those of the team is how to achieve it."



Winning is not an end in itself. It is the heart of our company which we want to make a global leader in the market of sports, lifestyle and safety through brands founded on passion, cutting-edge style and technological innovations.


Creativity and imagination have made our company great; research into materials and ways of assembling our products, constant innovation in the development of technologies applied to sports, wellness and safety of the individual and, finally, our style: Italian, visionary, transversal and global, represent our greatest successes.


The word Diadora comes from the greek διὰ δωρέα “dia-dorea” Which means “to share gifts and honours”.
True to word, sharing all successes, combined with a sense of teamwork in the practice of sport at all levels and with a competitive streak that is always respectful of team-mates and opponents are some of the essential principles of Diadora.
This romantic and highly principled word, Diadora, is accompanied by a symbol, an ornament, which represents the origins of the company, which are rooted in a craftsman’s laboratory fabricating shoes since 1948. It’s not a flash or the tip of an arrow, as it may seem, it’s more appropriately the stylized version of an open upper: the very main element to make a shoe, whether for sport, leisure or work.



Diadora’s distribution network includes more than 60 countries in the world and is divided into directly handled markets, distributors and licensees. Particular attention has been paid in recent years to opening the most important European markets, together with an implementation of the Asiatic and Latin American markets. Among the most important markets are Italy, the U.K., Germany, Japan, Canada, Chile and Israel. Among the new markets are France, Spain and Brazil.

Most doors Diadora

Italy: 2.800 | Japan: 1.800 | Canada: 650 | U.S.A.: 500 | Denmark: 460 | Norway: 450 | U.K: 400 | Indonesia: 400

Total doors Diadora

Diadora: 14.500 | Utility: 6.500

Most doors Utility

Italy: 3.400 | France: 890 | Germany: 450 | Spain: 390 | Austria: 120