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Sport is everything. It's your lifeline, and it's ours too. Diadora combines supreme comfort and gorgeous style in this awesome collection of men and women's sportswear. The fabrics used offer total freedom of movement, so you can take it to the limits and still be feeling good. Work hard and stay cool with breathable materials, while looking amazing with that classic Diadora style. Our sportswear apparel perform the best, so you can too, and our range includes t-shirts, trousers, sweaters and hooded sweats. Check out n choose our classic Sweat SL in all its elegant simplicity - plain grey or black, displaying the heritage Diadora logo with the famous five balls. Cotton, round-neck and beautifully chic. Or how about the Italian made T-shirt SS ITA? A stunningly simply grey tee, lovingly crafted by expert Italian designers (that's us by the way)! Superb value, as with every item in this range. Treat yourself to some exceptional sportswear today and take home something special from this great collection.
  • Men's Polo
    $ 21,00 $ 14,00
  • Men's Polo
    $ 25,00 $ 17,00
  • 2 Colors
    Leggings - Girls'
    $ 27,00 $ 18,00