The shipment costs and operations differ according to each country where shipment is made. 
You can directly check the shipment options available and the shipment costs and the times on the checkout page, after having added the products to your shopping bag.
In Romania, deliveries are made, on average, within 2 working days (up to 4 days).
In the case of orders associated with promotions with discount coupons/vouchers, the order processing times may undergo an increase of up to four, extra working days. 



Payment of any customs duties incurred is undertaken by the client and its amount is calculated in compliance with the law in force in the country where the shipment is sent. 
We do not know the amount of the customs duties charged, but this will, instead, be communicated by the courier once the goods have reached their destination. 
In the case in which the charges are not paid and, for this reason, the shipment refused or abandoned, the shipment costs and customs duties will be deducted from the order’s overall total, and the difference reimbursed.