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Made using the best materials and the result of the finest craftsmanship, the Shoes and Clothing in Diadora's Sportswear and Heritage lines combine the know-how of "Made in Italy" manufacturing and footwear traditions with exclusive processes to guarantee you the best quality, innovation and resistance, even in your free time.

  • Made in Italy

    Made in Italy

    The Diadora Heritage & Sportswear product lines represent Diadora’s Excellence. Exclusive treatments, quality and handcrafted materials are the distinctive strokes that distinguish these collections. These models it’s been made in Italy, in Caerano di San Marco factory, in business since 1948. The product factory is located in the existing centre of the Montebelluna shoe industry district, globally known for its expertise in the footwear-sport business. The know how on design products together with the use of the modern and update machineries, makes these models a super-high quality and innovation products.