Soccer Cleats and Clothing Technology

Diadora fields its best technology to give you a range of soccer footwear boasting extraordinary performance. Like the special stud arrangement system, Flex Rotax, which gives your feet maximum flexibility in the cleats through every stage of the game, or Touch Control, which boosts your sensitivity and ball control. On this page, you can find out about all of Diadora's soccer technology.

  • Flex Rotax System

    Flex Rotax System

    Flex Rotax is the innovative stud arrangement system designed to give the forefoot maximum traction and release from the ground as well as providing perfect stability for the heel. The special stud arrangement in the metatarsal area ensures perfect flex.

  • Touch Control

    Touch Control

    Touch Control is a special application in the front section of the upper optimising sensitivity and ball control.

  • Net Breathing System

    Net Breathing System

    The Geox revolution came about after long-time research targeted at the creation of a special membrane: made of microporous materials, it is able to absorb sweat in its vapour state and expel it via the perforated sole. The waterproof breathable membrane allows feet to breathe while keeping water out. This system allows for a natural thermal regulation of the feet, facilitating the presence of the ideal microclimate inside the shoes, resulting in dry, healthier feet. Thermal regulation is guaranteed even in the hottest climates and during the most intense work tasks. And fl exibility features ensure maximum comfort in every situation.

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  • Suprellpro3l


    SuprellPro3L is made from a special micorfiber integrated with the external surface (upper) and the upper internal lining in a single structure.

  • Axeler Propulsion

    Axeler Propulsion

    Axeler Heel Propulsion is made from Pebax, a highly elastic memory material. Thanks to a specially contoured insert the Axeler Heel Propulsion ensures maximum shock absorption during impact with the ground. It gives greater elasticity during thrust phase while reducing foot torsion in the arch area and ensuring perfect stability for the whole foot.

  • Morpho Cage S

    Morpho Cage S

    Morpho Cage S is the particular heat-sealed cage made from soft TPU, and directly applied to the internal side of the upper, guaranteeing perfect closure and evenly distributing pressure on the foot, while improving foot stability during thrust phase thanks to the integration with sole and upper.

  • Da2


    Exclusive Diadora shock-absorbing system composed of two differentdensity elastomers placed on the heel and metatarsal area. Created to ensure maximum shock absorbing.

  • Microbe Barrier

    Microbe Barrier

    Microbe Barrier is a special anti- bacterial treatment, which is applied to the inside of the shoe and will last through numerous washes.