Tennis Shoes and Clothing Technology

Tennis is a sport that involves a lot of spin, which demands flexibility, fast reflexes and clothing that really performs. Thanks to technologies such as Blushield and Elaston, Diadora shoes give your feet all the cushioning and responsiveness that you need, while the Dia Dry and Dia Fit patents make our clothes comfortable and breathable, giving you freedom of movement throughout the whole game. On this page, you can find out about all of Diadora's Tennis technology.

  • Blushield


    The morpho base carved respect the foot shape maintaining its natural anatomy. The nucleo of technology in S.B.S. mediates he impact between the foot and the morpho base. for an incomparable comfort. By fusing the morpho base and the nucleo Blushield minimises the asymetrical behaviour on the feet

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  • Dia Breath

    Dia Breath

    Breathability and lightness thanks to the honeycomb structure of the microfi bre, sweat is absorbed by the fabric which is transmitted on the external side, where, thanks to the fi bre’s micro-capillarization it’s released in 1/3 of the time compared to traditional fabrics

  • Ccb


    medial stabilizer created to control torsional stability of the area of the arch support, giving the shoe lightness and stability without altering shock absorption.

  • Duratech 5000

    Duratech 5000

    special wear-resistant rubber compound assuring a far higher wear resistance than standard rubber, offering an effective solution to shoe heel wear.

  • Blushield Fly

    Blushield Fly

    The morpho base carved respect the foot shape maintaining its natural anatomy. The Dia-Bound core technology is highly resilient, making the shoes lightweight and dynamic, as well as extra cushioned. By fusing the morpho base and the nucleo Blushield minimises the asymetrical behaviour on the feet

  • Net Breathing System

    Net Breathing System

    The Geox revolution came about after long-time research targeted at the creation of a special membrane: made of microporous materials, it is able to absorb sweat in its vapour state and expel it via the perforated sole. The waterproof breathable membrane allows feet to breathe while keeping water out. This system allows for a natural thermal regulation of the feet, facilitating the presence of the ideal microclimate inside the shoes, resulting in dry, healthier feet. Thermal regulation is guaranteed even in the hottest climates and during the most intense work tasks. And fl exibility features ensure maximum comfort in every situation.

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  • Ortholite


    OrthoLite insole is an open cell PU foam 95% breathable and keeps the foot cooler inside the shoe. OrthoLite will not break down in the shoe, unlike the other open-cell foams. A patented bioacideis adds to all OrthoLite foams to fi ght against the presence of fungus, bacteria and odor. Can be machinewashed and dried without losing durability

  • Power Flow

    Power Flow

    Power flow is the new ventilation system by Diadora designed to ensure maximum air renewal within the shoe during intense training activities

  • 3D Foam

    3D Foam

    INJECTED EVA midsole with multicones enabling the FOOT to rest on a base that adapts to diverse types of ANATOMY, so ensuring comfort and stability

  • Dd Comfort

    Dd Comfort

    Polyurethane foam insole which is modifi ed and molds perfectly to the foot, supporting it and making extremely comfortable shoe

  • Dia Bright

    Dia Bright

    This garment is manufactured with inserts and accessories featuring an innovative photoluminescent technology. A special pigment allows the garment to capture and absorb energy from light sources and to return it under poor lighting conditions in creating light spots on the garment increasing its visibility

  • Dia Dry

    Dia Dry

    Thanks to the specific honeycomb structure, moisture is conveyed externally in 1/3 of the time, compared to traditional fabrics. Moreover, the fabric construction enhances micro-ventilation thus making the garment highly breathable.

  • Dia Poliammide

    Dia Poliammide

    Special polyamide yarn spun with naturally thermal coffee carbon, for extra warmth in low temperatures. In addition to conveying a feeling of dryness, this yarn has optimal antibacterial properties and a powerful deodorant effect. Nature friendly, it makes a smart use of natural waste material, integrating vegetal coffee carbon (from the skin of the bean) into the nylon fi ber.

  • Dia Reflective Zone

    Dia Reflective Zone

    Area made of reflective inserts that guarantee, by reflecting vehicles’ lights, high visibility during nighttime sports activity or in case of poor light.

  • Da2 Plus

    Da2 Plus

    Diadora’s exclusive shock-absorbing system comprising of two elastomers with a different density situated in the heel and metatarsal area. Conceived to guarantee the maximum impact absorption, eliminating negative vibrations in the heel area, and to enhance fl exibility and distribution of pressures in the forefoot area

  • Flexoft


    a particolar rubber and foam compound developed to guarantee lightweight , flexibility, shock absorption and better propulsion in the forefoot area.

  • Dia Fit

    Dia Fit

    Freedom of movement: this extremely elastic and light fabric, designed and shaped to fit as a second skin, follows athlete’s movements to guarantee maximum freedom.

  • Dia Light

    Dia Light

    Lightness and softness: extremely light fabric made of thin, tight-knit, elastic microfi bers which guarantee high technical performances offering lightness and optimum comfort

  • Dia Therm

    Dia Therm

    Thanks to the refl ective property of the isothermal aluminium lining, the body does not consume heat in keeping an optimal body heat in every condition

  • Dia Grip

    Dia Grip

    The exclusive DIA GRIP Diadora technology provides the utmost adherence of the fabric to the skin promising an optimal fitting during your sport activities.

  • Dia Wind Block

    Dia Wind Block

    Wind proof: this special fabric guarantees top protection against wind.

  • Dia Zip

    Dia Zip

    The plastic zipper has a special asymmetrical shape on the top, to provide easy opening of the entire set of teeth with just one movement. This mechanism makes it easier to open and remove the garment even while running, all without sliding the cursor

  • Sun Lock

    Sun Lock

    Protective treatment against UV rays. UPF 30

  • Reversible


    Double design or double fabric for 2-in-1 versatility. Fully functional on both sides.

  • Da2


    Exclusive Diadora shock-absorbing system composed of two differentdensity elastomers placed on the heel and metatarsal area. Created to ensure maximum shock absorbing.

  • Axeler Propulsion

    Axeler Propulsion

    Axeler Heel Propulsion is made from Pebax, a highly elastic memory material. Thanks to a specially contoured insert the Axeler Heel Propulsion ensures maximum shock absorption during impact with the ground. It gives greater elasticity during thrust phase while reducing foot torsion in the arch area and ensuring perfect stability for the whole foot.

  • Axeler


    the super light Axeler technology is composed of a frame of Tech Alloy (a special alloy of harmonic steel) which increases the propulsive capacity of the mid-sole. Axeler has been engineered to insure a high stability of the foot together with an exceptional bending capacity and a perfect weight distribution so to accompany and follow the foot in its every movement. The integration of Axeler with CCb improves support to the foot arch and to the torsion control.

  • D Skin

    D Skin

    Maximum breathability is guaranteed by the air mesh upper + the net skin on top which provides good ventilation and protects the air mesh adequately. Thanks to D-Skin technology, the upper wraps the foot uniformly, reduces power dispersion and ensures maximum comfort

  • Woman Last

    Woman Last

    Shoe developed on a last which refl ects the ergonomics of the female foot

  • Bra High

    Bra High

    The DIADORA high support BRA provides compression fit ensuring the maximum support. Ideal for high impact activities. Made by breathable and strectch materials, thanks to DIA-DRY technology it keeps the skin dry providing the maximum comfort during your sport activities. Every size it’s specially made based on the chest and in two cups size.

  • Bra Light

    Bra Light

    A bra providing light support and a tight and comfortable fit for low impact activities. Mesh inserts, removable cups and double cross offer perfect support. Material designed to ensure maximum comfort and breathability using DIA-DRY technology to keep the skin dry during your sport activities.

  • Bra Medium

    Bra Medium

    Diadora sports bras ideal for medium support provides moderate support and a total freedom of movement during your training. Made by breathable and stretch materials with DIA-DRY technology to keep the skin dry ensuring maximum comfort and breathability during your sport activities.

  • Dia Audio Pocket

    Dia Audio Pocket

    Some garments are equipped with MP3 player pocket.

  • Compressione


    Presence of structured compression areas to enhance muscular strength during athletic activity. This technology serves to increase speed of blood fl ow, so reducing lactic acid levels

  • Antibacterial



  • Water Resistant

    Water Resistant

    Water resistant

  • Waterproof



  • Elaston


    exclusive blend used to make midsoles and insoles, based on the use of special compound which gives the product high elasticity while maintaining its characteristics for a long time. The capacity of maximum return to the original form after the load phase improves the general comfort of the product and the absorption of impact on the ground.

  • Microbe Barrier

    Microbe Barrier

    Microbe Barrier is a special anti- bacterial treatment, which is applied to the inside of the shoe and will last through numerous washes.