Work Shoes and Clothing Technology

Live every moment of your work in safety and comfort thanks to the support of Diadora's Utility technology. Mass Damper, Net Breathing System, Multilayer and D FOAM technologies give safety footwear cushioning, resistance and breathability, even in high temperatures. The Washed and B-Stretch systems make clothes soft and ergonomic, while Thermore and Cordura patents guarantee outstanding warmth and resistance combined with minimum weight. On this page, you can find out about all of Diadora Utility technology.

  • Net Breathing System

    Net Breathing System

    The Geox revolution came about after long-time research targeted at the creation of a special membrane: made of microporous materials, it is able to absorb sweat in its vapour state and expel it via the perforated sole. The waterproof breathable membrane allows feet to breathe while keeping water out. This system allows for a natural thermal regulation of the feet, facilitating the presence of the ideal microclimate inside the shoes, resulting in dry, healthier feet. Thermal regulation is guaranteed even in the hottest climates and during the most intense work tasks. And fl exibility features ensure maximum comfort in every situation.

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  • Mass Damper

    Mass Damper

    Diadora R&D labs have developed a technology able to maximise the shoe cushioning effect while ensuring high protection, versatility and dynamic performances. Mass Damper is indeed a sole revolutionary technology design that guarantees maximum comfort and top quality performances over time. The benefits of this technology are clear. This technology extends to cover the whole surface of the sole, allowing the foot to dynamically roll from positioning to take off, without compromising the cushioning. The low-density material of the sole ensures great resilience and compression set performances, for maximum comfort and a high energy return. The thermoplastic polyurethane/ester coating creates an external protection shell that increases the sole resistance to abrasion, tearing, hydrolysis, fuels and oil. Suitable for the most intense activities because it maintains high levels of cushioning, also in static efforts when comfort, support and stability really are essential elements.

  • Breathing System

    Breathing System

    Based on the principle of heat transfer, hot air evaporates upwards. Thanks to the special Breathing System structure, sweat goes through the 3D Spacer, coming out of the breathing tape made of a special breathing and waterproof membrane that works in two ways – to expel humidity and to keep water from entering. Lab tests show that the Geox patent increases the garment breathability level by 40%. Benefi ts are glaring: with the Geox system, clothes stay dry, perceived humidity drops, cold caused by excessive sweating and sudden cold drafts are cut down to zero.

  • Sympatex


    Special eco-friendly membrane, 100% waterproof against rain and wind, to ensure maximum breathability.

  • Boa Closure System

    Boa Closure System

    The Boa® system is a closure solution designed to ensure best performances. Boa has a threefold structure: one micro-adjustable dial, ultra-resistant laces and low-friction lace guides.

  • Perwanger


    The Perwanger® tannery at Auer (BZ) has a long family tradition of more than two centuries, handed down from father to son for more than five generations since 1780. The leathers have superior water-resistance properties, allowing the feet to stay dry even in the most extreme use. The particular fibre of the leathers means that even the sharpest rocks do not leave any visible marks on the shoes. All the leathers act as a natural membrane; they do not allow water to pass through, but they let the foot breathe freely inside. The particular processing method, unique in its kind and handed down from one generation to the next,means that the leathers remain unchanged for a long time. The untreated hides for the production of Perwanger Nepal suede are accurately selected only from pastures in the North of Europe with a full thickness, to guarantee the best resistance and a perfect appearance.

  • Thermore


    Conceived for an intense daily use, Thermosoft® guarantees ease of maintenance and high resistance. It provides outstanding warmth with a reduced weight: it is warm, light and slim.Thermosoft® products go through an exclusive finishing process that prevents pilling of both the fabric and the lining. Specific analyses certified that they are free from PFOA and PFOS (perfluorooctanoic acid and perfluorooctane sulfonate).

  • Cordura


    Hi-tech fabric designed for resistance to tears, abrasions, scuffs and perforations. It is a lightweight, easy-care fabric.

  • Kevlar


    Kevlar®, an innovative technology invented by DuPont, combines resistance and lightness. Kevlar® has been developed for over 40 years for use in a wide range of fields.

  • Coolmax


    Coolmax® fibres wick moisture away from skin to the garment surface where it evaporates rapidly. At the same time they guarantee maximum breathability even when wet, keeping the wearer comfortable and dry, and increasing their energy and endurance.

  • Dia Dry

    Dia Dry

    Thanks to the specific honeycomb structure, moisture is conveyed externally in 1/3 of the time, compared to traditional fabrics. Moreover, the fabric construction enhances micro-ventilation thus making the garment highly breathable.

  • B Fit Stretch

    B Fit Stretch

    Freedom of movement: the elastomer yarns make the Utility garments made of B-fit materials elastic and ergonomic, guaranteeing maximum freedom of movement.

  • Ripstop


    RIPSTOP is a lightweight fabric borrowed from the world of military clothing. Its structure consists of warp and weft reinforcement threads interwoven at regular intervals that create the typical crosshatch pattern and make this fabric extremely resistant to tearing. This structure prevents tears from enlarging, as they are “enclosed” within the reinforcement threads.

  • Windless


    A special windproof membrane guarantees a breathable fabric suitable for outdoor use in every weather conditions.

  • High Visibility High Reversibility

    High Visibility High Reversibility

    Utility proposes high visibility certified items according to the 20471-2013 standards. They are reversible garments, made of a lightweight nylon fabric even for leisure use. HIGH REVERSIBILITY is a brand new concept on the market that combines standard compliance with leisure time in a single garment.

  • D Bright

    D Bright

    Diadora R&D brings D-BRIGHT: photoluminescence technology that absorbs energy from any light source and releases it in low-light situations. Diadora Utility: innovation, comfort and protection.

  • Washed


    The special washing process makes every “Washed” garment unique with a deliberately uneven colour and a fabric that is soft and smooth to the touch.

  • Hidden Power

    Hidden Power

    Diadora Utility underwear garments provide comfort by keeping the skin dry thanks to the polypropylene fibre that does not retain moisture. The polyamide fibre provides thermal insulation keeping the body at an optimum temperature. Polypropylene also guarantees bacteriostatic properties providing anti-odour and non-allergenic garments.

  • K Sole

    K Sole

    Perforation-proof sole created with overlapping layers of special fabrics. The use of these materials ensures high resistance, as well as light weight and flexibility. This sole has the advantage of covering the entire surface of the foot-bed, therefore providing total foot protection. Moreover, its very high coefficient of thermal insulation makes it highly resistant even in very extreme temperature conditions. K SOLE is a non-metal sole.

  • K Sole 3 0

    K Sole 3 0

    Perforation-proof sole made of 100% aramidic fibre to resist fine carpentry nails. The use of these materials ensures high resistance as well as light weight, flexibility and breathability. This sole has the advantage of covering the entire surface of the foot-bed, therefore providing total foot protection. K SOLE 3.0 is a non-metal sole.

  • K Sole Breathable

    K Sole Breathable

    Breathable adds breathability to the absolute protection, high resistance, lightness and flexibility of the K SOLE. Breathable, the patented anti-perforation breathable sole, exclusively for Diadora Utility.

  • Multilayer


    Multilayer fiberglass fibre toe cap to guarantee maximum safety also at extreme temperatures. Thin and lightweight, it provides excellent comfort.

  • Erg Support

    Erg Support

    TPU heel protection technology ensuring stability, comfort and always natural movements.

  • Diatex


    Diatex is an exclusive waterproof and breathable membrane developed by Diadora Utility to keep feet always dry and comfortable while ensuring maximum breathability and keeping the shoe completely waterproof.

  • Wintherm


    Multi-layer fabric lining. Highly breathable thermal insulation keeps feet warm even in difficult weather conditions. The antibacterial silver microparticles ensure that the inside of the shoe is kept healthy and comfortable.

  • D Foam

    D Foam

    The Jump sole with "D-Foam" technology allows long-term shock absorption, due to compression of less than 5% over time. Fit and shock absorption therefore remain unvaried, offering maximum comfort. The polyurethane foam composition allows air to circulate around the insole, maintaining a constant foot temperature. The open-pore structure decreases the presence of sweat, keeping the foot dry.

  • Da2


    Exclusive Diadora shock-absorbing system composed of two differentdensity elastomers placed on the heel and metatarsal area. Created to ensure maximum shock absorbing.

  • D Traction

    D Traction

    The exclusive D-TRACTION design technology ensures maximum grip on all kinds of rough surfaces, both dry and wet. The multi-directional elements provide 360° traction. A perfect combination of grip and durability, flexibility and stability on any outdoor surface.

  • D Spider

    D Spider

    D-SPYDER technology has a geometric design that allows a superior grip on any flat surface. The notches on several levels allow the discharge of a greater quantity of liquids and guarantee high performance throughout the life cycle of the shoe.

  • Inclined Roof

    Inclined Roof

    Standard UNI 11583, for protective safety work shoes for professional use, for working on inclined roofs, requires sole design without a heel and with open ridges on the whole area of the outer sole. The shoes certified according to this standard have friction coefficients of the outer sole on flat surfaces that are much higher than those of ordinary safety shoes

  • D Cage

    D Cage

    TPU over-injected upper ensuring stability, comfort and natural body movements.

  • D Light

    D Light

    The fruit of Diadora’s research and development laboratories, D-Light technology is able to guarantee maximum lightness without compromising on comfort or cushioning. This new-generation polyurethane compound is 20% lighter than traditional polyurethane – the level of cushioning remains the same while the fit is both comfortable and soothing.

  • U Micro

    U Micro

    The special microfibre is water-repellent yet breathable. The fabric is easy to wash and offers maximum resistance to light. Its structure makes it perfect for use in the food industry, not only because it is resistant to light but also because it is 30% lighter than leather.

  • Tpu Film

    Tpu Film

    This transparent thermoplastic polyurethane film totally wraps the EVA insole, guaranteeing excellent resistance to abrasion and ensuring that the footwear last much longer over time.

  • Esd


    Ideal for those sectors where it is necessary to control electrostatic charge accumulation thus protecting both users and sensitive electronic devices. The contact resistance of ESD footwear is below the anti-static level normally required in industrial environments. The shoes must be used anytime the formation of an electrostatic charge must be grounded.

  • Metal Free

    Metal Free

    Non-metallic footwear, composite toe cap, ideal for use where metal detectors are present.

  • Dguv Regel 112 191

    Dguv Regel 112 191

    Utility manufactures working shoes that can be fitted with orthopedic insole pursuant to the German DGUV REGEL 112/191 standard, regulating knee and foot protection. Some of the Diadora models have been certified pursuant to standard EN ISO 20345:2011. These models are certified as maintaining their safety characteristics even when an orthopaedic insole is used. For any information, please refer to HEMA that will indicate you an orthopaedist in your area.

  • Politwist


    A polyester fabric result of a structured weave of yarns that provides high abrasion cut and tear resistance. It guarantees high breathability and flexibility values.

  • Non Marking

    Non Marking

    Non-marking sole

  • Patent pending

    Patent pending



    Matryx is a multi-zone technical fabric made from Kevlar® and extra-tough polyamide developed by Chamatex®, a French company which specialises in high performance technical fabrics. Matrix 2.0 is an exclusive patented fabric, specifically designed in close collaboration with Diadora in order to meet the needs of the workplace. With maximum resistance to abrasion, lateral support and high flexibility, Matryx® 2.0 enables professionals to work without sacrificing on comfort.

  • Weave up

    Weave up

    A new-generation technical fabric made from woven polyester, which offers very high breathability and excellent resistance to tearing/ bending/ abrasion.

  • Women at Work

    Women at Work

    Women's footwear size

  • Quick Release System

    Quick Release System

    Fast lacing system with rotor for micrometric adjustment and steel cable, with Diadora customisation.

  • Industrial Laundering

    Industrial Laundering

  • #WEAVE


    Special patented technology which uses less rubber, thus reducing the weight of the tread by 20%.

  • High Visibility

    High Visibility

    High Visibility

  • Easywork


  • Atom


    Cordura-based fabric with PU yarn for high resistance to abrasion

  • Net Breathing System Airbox

    Net Breathing System Airbox

    Special membrane made from a microporous material which absorbs sweat (in the form of water vapour) and releases it through the ventilation holes on the side of the shoe.

  • Reflex Details

    Reflex Details