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Important communication - product recall

During some safety checks, we found out that for a production error, children's clothing with drawstrings and cords was introduced in the market.

These garments do not comply with the European standard EN 14682 which provides that for children from 0 to 7 years of age, clothing must not be designed, packaged or supplied with passing laces, functional cords in the head, neck and upper chest area. Cords or drawstrings in hoods or around the neck on garments pose a risk if the string gets caught around the neck of the child.

Consumer safety is a priority for Diadora and for this reason, despite not having had any reports of accidents or particular problems, Diadora voluntarily decided to withdraw these products from the market as a precaution.

Non-compliant products are the following:

Product Code Product Name Product Type
102.172728 JU.HD SWEAT Sweatshirt
102.173562 J.HD FZ SUIT UNBRUSHED FL Tracksuit
102.173594 J.HD SWEAT BRUSHED FL Sweatshirt
102.173603 G.HD FZ SWEAT BRUSHED FL Sweatshirt
102.173970 J. HD FZ SWEAT BRUSHED FL Sweatshirt
102.174604 JU.HOODIE SWEAT FREGIO Sweatshirt

If you have purchased one of the codes indicated above on our ecommerce site, please contact our customer service at or by calling the free-phone number on the days and at the times indicated on the Website. For all orders placed before September 8th 2021, before proceeding with a return, please write an email to

If you purchased one of the above codes from a Diadora Store or from a third party retailer (also online), contact the shop where you purchased the product or the retailer who will take care of the product return.

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